How old would you be, if you had no idea how old you really were?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Half empty? Half full?

Planned to get outdoors and walk this morning, but with the temperature below 30, and the wind above 30, I waffled and went for a trip on the treadmill, which just happens to be located strategically in front a TV, where I found an old (1999) Starwars movie.

Well this old salt found some comfort and humor in this bit of entertainment. Lots of robots in this tale and it occurred to me that in some ways I’m not too much different. I’ve got a heart valve made out of left over pig parts that helps the pump work more efficiently, a neat little pacemaker/defibulator tucked in under my collar bone to keep my rhythms syncopated , and a very cool below the knee prosthesis, complete with an air shock, to let me stand on my own two feet. (Both feet are “my own” even though one of them is not original equipment.)

So is my cup half empty or half full? Should I despair about all the parts that have broken down and get ready for the next disaster, or rejoice at my ability to breathe the mountain air, canoe, hike, drive, delight in grandkids, build stuff in my workshop, and generally do as I please?

Today the choice is obvious and easy. Rejoice. Damn, I’m a lucky guy. And I post this note not to brag, but in part to remind myself of my good fortune, because with all that I have going for me it is still possible on a cold and dark winter day to get a bit worried and depressed and waste my time in a black mood.

And because today is the only day you and I can really count on, I plan to have a hell of good time. May the force be with you.