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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Cheer

I have escaped the Midwest. Never was too enthused about winter. Grew up with cars that didn’t start in sub zero weather, gas lines that froze. and even, way back, with water pipes and pumps that froze.

And now I live in these Arizona mountains where winter comes in small doses. Not as cold as my native land. The snow here, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot, doesn’t seem to last as long. And I am surrounded by people who love the stuff. So my attitude is thawing a bit. It thaws a bunch when my little grandkids arrive from the flatlands all eager and excited about just seeing snow.

And this looks to be a great Christmas. We have our snow. The roads have been cleared. A good supply of firewood is stacked on the porch. The tree is trimmed, outdoor lights are strung, and this old salt has emerged, just on time, from his garage workshop (heated with woodstove of course) with a great hobbyhorse. Brought it in and tucked it next to the tree this morning. Kids and grandkids are on their way. Old Salt's smiling. Hope young grandson smiles too.

Good to be alive.

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