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Friday, December 1, 2006

Murphy's Pico de Gallo

When I first started trying to eat and cook without salt I was dying for something that tasted like something. Here is one of my first solutions, a an easy Pico de Gallo, that you can use on a baked potato or as a dip for a few low salt chips or wherever you need a little bright spot for your taste buds.

You need
• One big or two small tomatoes
• A medium to small onion
• About a half bunch of cilantro
• One fresh jalepeno pepper
• One garlic clove
• The juice of one lime

Chop everything in a food chopper and mix together. Adjust the ingredients as your tastes dictate. Let this sit a couple of hours and the garlic will give it a nice kick. Use more or less jalepeno depending on your love for heat.

Now just for fun go to the Nutrition Facts and Calorie Counter and find the individual amounts of sodium for each ingredient. And if that doesn't seem terribly entertaining, I'll tell you that if you eat the whole batch at one sitting, you've only consumed 16 mg of sodium. Essentially this is a no sodium food.

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