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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Wood Fire and Foodies

Yesterday I let the wood fire go out early. I had a evening meeting in town, about 30 miles down the mountain from here, and didn’t feel like reviving the fire when I got back. So it’s a little chilly in here this morning while I wait for the new fire to start pushing the temperature up into the mid 60’s.

Parked in front of the fireplace with my laptop, thank god for wireless, I popped over to one of my favorites, Maria Duncan’s Blog, Book Reviews for Real People. Maria calls herself a “foodie” and manages to read and review a pretty good sampling of food books, 15 of them to date on her blog. So how have I frittered away a sizable chunk of my morning already? Yep. Reading book reviews about food, and enjoying myself. Next food book on my list is Heat, by Bill Bufford.

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